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We are bookkeepers, so we believe that keeping accurate books is the most important thing a business can do.


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I just wanted to update my review because of a conversation I had with my accountant. Just recently my accountant called me and asked if he would mind if he referred Susan to other clients of his because she is the most professional bookkeeper that he has worked with. Accountants are expensive, and an incompetent bookkeeper can not only cost you a lot of money paying an accountant to clean up you books, but they can also put you into some serious legal problem if you do not oversee their work diligently. I feel 100% confident that Susan is taking care of me and my company's books, and highly recommend her.

What can I say about Susan... she is a great woman, and fun to work with. It takes a special person to enjoy bookkeeping or accounting, and that person is not me. Susan has been taking care of my company and personal books for the past 4 years, and is my go to person whenever I am about to make a financial decision. No only do I not enjoy doing my own books, but my time is better spent focusing on other aspects of my business. It is important to know your books, but I don't need to enter bills and cut checks. Susans provide me with weekly cash flow statements for both my company and personal books. We set budgets, savings plans, and do forecasting.I have already referred Susan to a few clients of mine, and they are as happy with her services as I am. Thanks Susan!

We were referred to Dollars & Sense Bookkeeping and are so happy!  As a new business, we needed some help making sense of a few things and kept coming up short with other Tax Accountants and Bookkeepers.  Susan and her counterparts helped get us situated and are a pleasure to deal with.  One of several things that we appreciate is that she is so flexible - she will cater her services to the level of assistance that you need.

I have been using Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping for a number of years.   Susan is great and keeps my operations account and attorney-client trust account completely reconciled and organized. My CPA thinks I am a rock star come tax season. Thanks Susan!!

“Dollars & Sense is the best! I thought I couldn’t afford them and switched bookkeepers for about 6 months. That’s when I discovered I couldn’t NOT afford them!”

“Amazing diligence! I was audited and it went ever so smoothly because I have the best bookkeeper my business has ever seen. I refer people to you guys all the time!”

“Where would I be without you? I know where, out of business!” I can never say enough good things about the level of knowledge, thoroughness, professionalism, and understanding.”

“WOW. I am so glad I have you. I am free to focus on what is important to me, growing my business. Let me leave all this headache to the people that really understand and love this stuff.”

“If you ever consider a bookkeeper, consider Dollars & Sense FIRST!”

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